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(no subject)  
11:52am 14/10/2006
Leighton Baines.


But seriously. Where was Utd's wall?!

Oooh another free kick ..
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(no subject)  
11:50pm 30/05/2006




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(no subject)  
05:27pm 19/12/2005


HOW adorable?
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(no subject)  
11:54pm 12/11/2005
That was super?

But never mind England. Flsit have talked about that, I am sure. But Luis? HOW proud am I?! And Nando scored too! Ohh but Luis hat trick is extra-adorable and amazing. :D:D
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(no subject)  
06:01pm 25/10/2005
Luis has been nominated for the Ballon D'or. HOW adorable?! And Carra :D Stevie was always going to be nominated.
Although Figo? What EXACTLY has he done over the last year? Or the last 3 years? And Raul and Zidane fall into that category too. No matter what happens, those players will always be nominated.
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(no subject)  
12:16am 25/10/2005
I don't actually use this very much as a diary thing? Meh whatever.

Tesco almost blinded me. Lalala.

Barragan is adorable? He has, like, puppy dog eyes.

Miki Roque and Besian Idrazaj aren't bad either. Oh dear young boys argh ..
Speaking of which, who will be playing on Tuesday? I like seeing the young boys play, I really do. They show so much more commitment than some of the first team players. Not naming any names, of course. Although, press, please leave Harry Kewell alone? The boy's trying, he really is. It's all you can ask of him. It's never going to come right for him if he has people on his back who don't actually have a clue what they're talking about. Again, not naming any names.

"Crouch, who could provide a rival to the London Eye if he did piggy-backs, is probably a better footballer than the misfit he looks at present. His problem - and it could become a minor tragedy - is that the fans are now on his case and an already fragile confidence has been all but destroyed by their jeering. Strikers recover confidence and banish doubters by scoring goals. But this is not a natural goal-scorer. He is not particularly good in the air, either, despite his improbable height, though he is capable of setting up chances in the air and on the ground. "
Please, shut the hell up? I wonder how many games this "journalist" has actually seen Crouch play. Or whether they're just judging on statistics.

When did Luis score three goals? I wasn't aware he'd scored any. Do they mean goals in Europe? Oh, one is in the league. Did I miss that somehow?

I just noticed that, what with all Cisse's moaning, he's actually got the most appearances out of all the players. Some as a sub, granted, but dude, shut up and use your time more effectively. Like practicing shooting, for example.

Bring back Stephen Warnock. He'll save us. And if not, he'll give me something pretty to look at.
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(no subject)  
08:51pm 22/09/2005
Don't understand what this is-
JT and Boa Morte

It's the FIFPro World XI Player Awards Launch, so why's Boa Morte there?
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(no subject)  
09:54pm 21/08/2005
Right, OK, I feel I need a ramble because my footballing friend is away and I cannot ramble to her

going away to a wedding on friday. if theyre so in love, they cant wait one more week?! pah. so yeh, missing super cup. must blackmail someone into taping for me.

Feel for Nando, really I do. He tries, he does, I don't know why things just aren't coming together for him. It's not nice, really isn't. Wasn't too nice to Haz either, teh poor boy. Quite mean methinks.

Stephen Warnock is ultra- fabulous. Too bad he's so .. innocent .. Always seems to have the oddest expressions on his face though, and sweats a lot, so mid-game pics aren't too good

Trying to sign Gonzalez in Jan again. Hope we get him, I was getting quite excited about that signing ... stupid official-type people

I'd like Owen back. Or rather, I'd prefer he came back to Liverpool than to another Premiership club. It's bad enough having Henry and the likes to contend with, but Owen too?

No one seems that interested, which I don't get.

Was thinking last night, I'd love to see Stevie/Sheva written. And, as I've mentioned to a few people, Xabs/F.Torres. Im no good as a writer though, so I won't even attempt it.

OK yeh why do Liverpool always take so long to bring out new squad pics? Its so annoying. They take ages, they really do. Grr.
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Kaunas? Who the hell are Kaunas?  
08:12pm 26/07/2005
Losing? Wtf?
Oooh yes. That was good. Strikers teaming up. Good boy Crouch.
Xabi's looking beautiful as usual.
Luis has a hairband again. And seems to have some sorta fluff on his upper lip. Stupid boy.
Why do Kaunas look exactly like Norwich? I don't like Norwich.
AAAH I LOVE CARRA! He looked so stunned. Bless. So did Riise.
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(no subject)  
08:41pm 13/07/2005
Stevie's trying his best. Still doesn't smile. Why does he not smile? He looks so nice when he smiles ..

I think Josemi's claimed Zenden. Who looks wary about it.

ITV have such stupid commentators. Why state the obvious? I think Carra should be a commentator when he retires. He'd be classic! You can just imagine him coming out with something like:

"Gerrup, ya ponce, he hardly touched ya"

"Jamie .. he's broken his leg .."

"And .."

Reina seems good. Well, what I've seen of him. Johnny got a close up view, poor boy. Don't worry lad, Luis will sooth it later...

Potter seems a lot more assured today. In the games that I saw him in before, he didn't really seem to know what he was doing, seemed lost on the right wing. Get used to it lad, you aren't getting into centre any time soon....

Xabi's looking very nice .. where's Luis? Does Rafa not understand our need to inspect his new hairstyle?!
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