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09:54pm 21/08/2005
Right, OK, I feel I need a ramble because my footballing friend is away and I cannot ramble to her

going away to a wedding on friday. if theyre so in love, they cant wait one more week?! pah. so yeh, missing super cup. must blackmail someone into taping for me.

Feel for Nando, really I do. He tries, he does, I don't know why things just aren't coming together for him. It's not nice, really isn't. Wasn't too nice to Haz either, teh poor boy. Quite mean methinks.

Stephen Warnock is ultra- fabulous. Too bad he's so .. innocent .. Always seems to have the oddest expressions on his face though, and sweats a lot, so mid-game pics aren't too good

Trying to sign Gonzalez in Jan again. Hope we get him, I was getting quite excited about that signing ... stupid official-type people

I'd like Owen back. Or rather, I'd prefer he came back to Liverpool than to another Premiership club. It's bad enough having Henry and the likes to contend with, but Owen too?

No one seems that interested, which I don't get.

Was thinking last night, I'd love to see Stevie/Sheva written. And, as I've mentioned to a few people, Xabs/F.Torres. Im no good as a writer though, so I won't even attempt it.

OK yeh why do Liverpool always take so long to bring out new squad pics? Its so annoying. They take ages, they really do. Grr.
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